Property Appraisers and Tax Assessors

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Property Appraisers and Tax Assessors

Property Appraisers and Tax Assessors


We speak the language of Property Appraisers and Tax Assessors  providing advocacy, knowledge, expertise, guidance, recommendations and strategic based services in attempting to reduce and minimize client property tax liability.

Once opportunities for potential tax savings are identified we are equipped to articulate reasoning for our client’s position and make appearances in the appeal process starting with informal meetings with tax appraiser staff and ending with expert witness testimony in court trials if necessary.

Multi-faceted perspective and decades of in-depth exposure to property tax statutes, rules and case law, quasi-judicial hearings, mediation, arbitration, discovery, depositions, interrogatories and trial preparation set us apart from other property tax consultants.

Our diverse client base includes Real Estate Investment Trusts, attorneys, financial institutions and owners of timberland, development land, resorts, apartments, golf courses, commercial parcels, condominiums, subdivision lots, leased timberland, port leaseholds of state property, life estates and single family homes.